About Us

We are a research group that is interested in the primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of interpersonal aggression and violence. We aim to understand why people are aggressive and violent towards others, in particular towards intimate partners and other family members, and its effects on victims. We aim to generate and use evidence to develop effective assessment, interventions and policy to prevent and intervene with aggressive behaviour. We use both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and explore issues related to male and female aggression and victimisation.

IFAL is led by Professor Louise Dixon who moved to Victoria University of Wellington from the UK University system in October 2015. Therefore, to date the majority of Louise’s research has addressed issues in the UK. These have been related to the aetiology, psychological risk assessment, offender rehabilitation, programme evaluation, primary prevention and policy change in aggression and family aggression. The generated evidence has influenced UK practice and policy in a variety of settings. For example research has informed political funding decisions about domestic abuse resources; local police forces about the nature and management of family violence, efficacy of risk assessment and services provided to victims of intimate partner violence; local police policy about responding to street gangs and offender management services about risk assessment of violent recidivism. Louise’s move to New Zealand aims to see continued overseas collaboration but importantly aims to understand and respond to New Zealand based issues.

We welcome collaboration with professionals who work with end users. We believe it is important to work with the people who are impacted by our research and bridge the gap between academia and practice. If you would like to get involved with IFAL and new research projects please contact Louise.